Friday, July 22, 2016

Living A Disconnected Life

Hello?  Is anyone there?  Okay, you're here, but are you alive?  Are you present and connected?  You say, "Yes, I am here and connected," but are you really?

You see, we tend to keep ourselves so busy in a day.  Its far easier that way because then we don't have to feel.  You know, feel all the stress and torment we've experience in life or feel all the stress from the weight of responsibilities in life that we have.  Its easier to just not feel.

If we begin to feel, sometimes life gets too overwhelming and we look for the mind numbing escape routes.  We sure do have those escape routes.  It is part of being human in a human body, but when we numb out, we're not being human.

Hear the birds sing....

In the course of your day, how often do you just go outside and feel the sun upon your face, or hear a bird sing?  How often do you just notice your breath and stop in stillness for 30 seconds?  How often do you immerse yourself in nature or just take a moment and watch your pets run and play through the house?

We tend to go on Facebook or Twitter constantly during the day and night.  Yes, they are designed to keep you engaged, but the mind and the eyes and the body need a rest.  They don't need to stay this engaged all the time.  It is not healthy.  It is living a disconnected life.

We engage in the latest political gossip of our day, making it our life's purpose to set those straight that disagree with us.  We know that it is our responsibility to do this which is true to a point, but at some point, we lose the limits of life.  We become disconnected in life chasing down the lowest form of discourse.

Often we don't read what we share or pass on through social media.  We just like and click.  Granted there is far too much out there in a day to read, but it doesn't stop us from being part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.  We mindlessly forward and share all that comes our way, not stopping to realize just how much we are living a disconnected life.

Fail to stay engaged with family...

We go home and our families and children and friends become something we chat with when we have little else we're doing.  We fail to stay engaged and keep them in the loop of our life, thereby alienating them from what is happening with our life.  We just assume they know how much they mean to us, but we fail to communicate this to them.  After all, we are living a disconnected life.

We dish out memes to those around us hoping to make them feel like we appreciate them, but our words often fall short.  There is no true feeling and connection in the meme, but it doesn't stop us from allowing it to take our place in the relationship we have with those we care about and love.  Living in a disconnected life keeps us from seeing what it is we actually do to others we care about and love.

Not everything is worthy of our time...

Not everything that happens in the news is worthy of our time.  Not everything that others expect from us is an expectation we should put on our self.  Not everything that we think is important is as important as we think it is.

Taking care of ourselves and learning how to stop and smell the roses is far more important than all the hundreds of tasks you try to do in a day.  It is more important than all the likes and shares on social media.  Taking care of yourself is far more important than being engaged with the latest tirades from the news-makers of the day.

Living a connected life should be what we should strive for in our years.  Connecting with our mind and body, learning to stop and enjoy life or just taking a moment to truly connect with others; this should be on our list of goals.  If you're living a disconnected life, you've lost site of what being human is and its taking you on a dead-end road to nowhere.

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