Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Finding Peace In Your Body

I'm sure the title of this blog post could mean different things to different people.  Depending upon your own paradigms and experiences, it could easily be construed to be a belief system that may or may not prove repeatable.  Finding peace in your body is essential to the human experience, but far too often we miss the mark.

Even though we think we've found peace in the body, many times it is a temporary illusion.  In many ways, we have multiple influences and pressures and stresses hitting us constantly.  When we combine that with past experiences that we may or may not remember, it becomes a recipe for anything but finding peace in your body.

Meditation, Yoga, prayer, dancing, singing, and mind-body centered work can all help us achieve greater peace in our life.  Unfortunately, sometimes we only hit the surface and because the relaxation feels better than what we're used to in life, we think this is deep peace.  Don't get me wrong, any type of relaxation is better than nothing, but it may not be as a deep peace as you want to believe it is.

Awareness leads you to deep peace...

I've gone through some wonderful and deep work called Unified Therapy with Dr. Paul Canali.  In a session, it is body centered, connecting the felt sense of the body with the mind.  As you go into these moments, the pains and anxiety and struggles surface and show up.  As you're guided through the process and as you keep fear in perspective, you reach a very deep inner place.  This place of knowing gives way to a greater awareness.  As you step into the awareness and out of the fear that arises in your body, you find deep peace.

This peace is not superficial.  It is very difficult to describe, but once you experience it, everything makes sense.  It is a moment where  you don't want to be disturbed and you wish you could stay in this state of deep peace forever.  To think about coming out of it is not always welcomed because it is such a pure state where nothing else matters in life.

We follow our limiting paradigms...

These days, I find that most people are going through their lives not finding peace in their bodies.  Some will use religious beliefs to give the illusion they are.  Others will use new age practices and claim they know deep peace.  More often than not, we're following our own limiting paradigm of all that there can be.

No, I'm not saying you haven't found a way to access peace in your body.  I'm just making the point that finding deep peace in your body is beyond the realm where most people go.  We're too busy.  We're too stressed.  We're too tied up in our own belief systems or paradigms to go where we need to travel.

Let us strip away all that we think is right and learn to go deep within the body to experience all that may be uncomfortable at first, but yield results that you never thought was possible.  If you think you've found the edge of all that there is and you've defined it in your own set of beliefs, opinions and thoughts, you're missing the possibility of what lies beyond that.

Your beliefs and paradigms and thoughts are fine as long as they don't limit you and hold you back.  Building our life on what we think we know, rather than what is possible is like building a mansion at the edge of the ocean in the sand.  It may look pretty when its built, but most likely it will not stand the test of time.

Finding peace in your body is about going further, not just stopping at the water's edge.


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