Friday, September 2, 2016

Learning To Surrender In Order To Heal

It is not easy to do.  I know, I know!  Stating that we need to surrender in order to heal is like telling the person getting ready to jump off the cliff that they have wings.  It is hard to believe, understand, and comprehend.  Yet, time and time again, I have come back to this lesson.

Learning to surrender in order to heal is essential for healing.  Okay, maybe it is not the beginning stage or the intermediate stage.  Maybe it is not the point you're at in this moment and that's totally understandable.  After all, it took me a some time to get to this point in my own healing journey.

Surrender does not happen always in one single moment.  It is a process where we come to the point where we surrender a little, and then we rest.  We make it a little further in our healing, and then we stop to gather our sustenance for the journey ahead.  It isn't one moment in time, but a series of small little moments that add up.  Healing doesn't just happen at a specific point, but healing can happen at any point along the way.

As I was going through my most recent Unified Therapy healing session, I kept coming up against the physical pain showing itself in my body.  The pain was horrendous.  It literally hurt in my shoulder, arm, and neck.  If I tried to stay present with the pain, I would go into numbness.  It would be as if my arm, shoulder, and neck did not exist.

Attempting to stay present with what I was feeling in the body, I soon found that my left side felt lower on the table while my right side felt like it was raised.  My body didn't want to go in and feel these things, because it was tapping into so many of those emotions and experiences that I struggle to articulate into a coherent image.

The more I fought the process, the more the pain intensified and the more I wanted to numb my body.  This is the same thing we do in life.  Instead of going into the pain and the experiences we've been through, we tend to numb and disconnect.  We tend to medicate and avoid.  It is the human experience to do this.

A small powerful trick is to learn how to not numb or disconnect and avoid what is showing up.  The trick is to go in and surrender into this moment.  That is where the story unfolds and the trapped energy is released.  It is like lancing a boil and letting out all the bad stuff.  The surrender is the moment where we give up our attachment to the process, the experience, and yes - the pain.

Recently I fought through another round of rashes that covered my genitals in a very bad way.  This time, I was able to help move myself past this because I surrendered into it.  Is that easy to do?  HELL NO!  It can be very difficult but I've learned skills to help take myself into these moments.  The more I surrendered into it and just allowed myself to be there, the story unfolded and as I wrote it down in my journal, I felt a shift taking place.

We have so much power in us, but when we hold on to the horrible experiences and the stress in our life, we allow these moments to suck us dry.  They become our energy vampires, rather than motivation and empowerment to heal our lives.  Yes, there is a time to hold on, but there is also a time to let go.

Surrender is a big key of healing that I have found because as I learn to surrender into the moment I am in, I give myself a new possibility of the moments I have not yet lived.  As I surrender, I give myself the opportunity to go deeper into my own healing.  It sets me up for the next time where I will need more of that strength, courage, and determination to face the deeper levels in life.

Yes, we can settle for where we are at in our life and the healing and growth we have come through.  However, I'm not one that is okay with where I am at in this moment.  I want to travel further.  I want to get my life back deeper and more fully than I have ever known.  To do this, surrender becomes one of the best tools I have and in so doing this, I reclaim more of my power and all that I am.

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