Thursday, August 6, 2015

Protecting Myself From Others

These days I'm in a place where I'm having to be on guard.  I'm having to protect myself from others even though they aren't physically trying to assault me.  Now, this may sound strange, but if I go on to explain, you'll see why I'm protecting myself from others.

I'm one of those highly sensitive people, I take in so much from everyone around me.  It hits me and it bombards me.  It isn't something I choose, it just happens.

Let me explain it this way.  If you go swimming in the lake, can you do it without getting wet?  The answer is no, unless you wear some type of clothing that keeps you dry.  Yet, when you go into the lake, the water is all around you.  You don't choose for it to be there and neither can you control it in the way that it touches your body.

The same goes for me.  When I'm around others and in environments that are toxic and not healthy, it isn't like I can keep it from touching me.  Its all around me.  It touches me whether I want it to or not.

Unfortunately, the more this environment happens around me, the more I want to say "stay away".  I do it in silent ways by keeping people at an arms length.  I don't let anyone in close to me.  I often get quiet or grumpy just to keep people away.  Sometimes it is the only way I can protect myself from others.

It isn't that all people are bad, but when my personal space gets invaded, then it becomes an issue.  When I don't get adequate time away from people and get time to rest and relax, then it intensifies.

While I'd love to be more in control of this right now, I can't.  There are things beyond my control that are robbing me of the life I so badly need.  Protecting myself from others is the natural result for me in how I deal with all that is happening.

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