Thursday, August 27, 2015

Disapproving People

Its the way people look at you.  Its the way they don't look at you.  Its the way people talk to you.  Its the way people give you the silent treatment.  You know, the unspoken terms.  The unspoken looks and words and voices.  They are all from disapproving people.

Growing up, there were sounds uttered, looks exchanged and bible verses spouted.  There were words uttered and the eye rolls.  There were phrases that had perfectly good words, but they were meant as a sword.  They were from disapproving people.

And then, there was those silent moments.  The ones where you knew they disapproved.  The ones where they were disappointed in you.  The ones that were the eye stares, or just the turning away of their head.  The moments where they acted as if you didn't exist, if you weren't standing right there before them.  The many silent moments and lack of connection from disapproving people.

I saw it practiced so much and its amazing just how much it happens each and every day of our lives.  It happens in our families and amongst our friends.  It happens in person and online in social media.  We're all pretty good at doing it and we're so good that we don't even realize that we do it.  But yet, we are all too often - disapproving people.

You can say, I don't do that.  I can say, you do.  You can say, but I try to catch myself and to that I gleam with joy.  Its something we just do in our society.  Either we lash out at those we disapprove of or we give them the looks, the words, the sounds, voices, and body language.

I'm very sensitive to this because of the family I grew up in who practiced as disapproving people.  It is a very difficult thing to unlearn and not see every minute of the day.  I can see it online quicker than you can count to one.  I can hear it or see it in the body language of another.  Its so obvious to me.

I wish it weren't so and it hurts every time I feel disapproving people shunning me, or talking that way to me, or acting that way online.  I wish more people were more conscious of themselves so that they could see when they do this and didn't hide behind their own acts of superiority.

Maybe just by bringing some attention to this subject, we all can take a closer look at ourselves.  Maybe we can all just see that instead of being disapproving people, we can be people who truly love and care and are concerned for others out of pure love, not altered pure love.  After all, each one of us, no matter who we are deserve this more than we sometimes realize.

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