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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How Dare You!

We love to see it in others.  We love to point it out in others.  We love to make sure everyone knows where they are falling short in life.

Its easier to point out where groups and people and organizations and "OTHERS" don't measure up.  Its easier to point out where OTHERS are screwing up, disappointing us and the entire world.  It is easier to point out where OTHERS just aren't enough.

We blame them for our lot in life.  We make an example out of them on Facebook or other social media.  The news media hails them as the problem, while we raise our cheers to the sky.

Its far easier to look at others and point out there sins.  It is far easier to point out how horrible this person is or that person is.  We can prove it.  We can proclaim it.  For we know that our point of view about others is right and everyone else is wrong.  It is far easier to despise those that have more than us for they are evil in the eyes of so many.

Unfortunately when we do these things, we show just how much is wrong with us.  We show how screwed up we are inside.  We show how much we don't know about life, humans, and OTHERS.

When we do these things, we degrade all of humanity including ourselves.  When we do these things, we tear apart the fabric of society.  When we do all these things, we become less than that which we so despise and hate and loathe.

It is harder to look within ourselves and see all there is to see.  It is harder to look within ourselves and want to be more than what we feel is possible.  It is harder to look within and be at one and at peace with the difficulties we face.

May we learn to love others, but may we learn to love ourselves first.  May we learn to not despise others, but first learn how not to despise ourselves.  May we learn how to accept others, once we've learned to accept ourselves.

If we are to become human and enhance the world, we cannot begin to look at everyone else.  We cannot begin to see the problems everywhere in the world.  We must first learn to look at ourselves and embrace ourselves, so that by becoming human, the rest of the world will understand.

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