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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Easy Healthy Pancakes

Lately I've been playing with making something without all the bad stuff for breakfast.  I have been experimenting with making healthy pancakes from oatmeal that are super easy.  You might need a good quality blender for this, but we use our Blendtec High Speed Blender.  I'm not sure how this would work in a regular one.

To make these easy and healthy pancakes, I take 1.5 cups of oatmeal, 1.25 cups of water and put it in my blender.  Then, I add whatever fruit it is that I like.  I have used blueberries or a banana or strawberries.  I like all three and I'm sure other fruit would work.

Once I've combined them in the Blendtec blender, I select the button that says "batter" on it and I let it blend up through its routine.  Most of the time when I do this, it thickens fairly quickly so I often pour it back in a measuring cup.  It makes about 2 cups of batter and I can get about 10 pancakes out of it.

I just pour it on a preheated skillet and let it cook.  If you try to flip them too quickly, you'll have a mess on your spatula.  They don't take long to cook.  I don't use any oil or anything to cook them. 

You can see in the picture above that depending upon what fruit you use, you'll give them a color.  They taste good to us and it is just a different way to eat Oatmeal which we enjoy.

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