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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some Days You Just Want To

  • Some days you just want to scream for all the stress and torment people and jobs and places put you through. 

  • Some days you just want to run down the street waving your arms in the air and yelling at the tops of your lungs.

  • Some days you just want to run on the beach naked (after applying sunscreen of course and protecting those special body parts).

  • Some days you just want to prank call everyone and anyone having fun in the most stupid and silliest of ways.

  • Some days you just want to sleep in every day of the week and tell your boss that you're not going to do a bit of work.

  • Some days you just want to stick out your tongue at everyone you meet driving in the car just to see if they will laugh hysterically.

  • Some days you just want to head to the mountains and seriously think about never coming back.

  • Some days you just want to be the most silliest and ridiculous person everyone knows so they will laugh so hard they fall out of their chairs.

  • Some days you just want to dance to some loud music in your underwear as if no one is watching.

  • Some days you just want to vegetate out, curl up on the couch and never move a muscle while you demand to be taken care of and pampered.

  • Some days you just want to go out and play in the dirt with your toys and act like you were at one time in your childhood.

  • Some days you just want to tap into that magical world like when you were a kid where you made the simplest object into an adventure of epic reality.

  • Some days you just want to throw off the responsibilities of adulthood and have no cares or concerns or responsibilities in the world.

Well guess what - you can choose to do any of these things if you so desire.  I mean, come on - who's watching?

This public service announcement has been paid for by Citizens to Just Enjoy Life!

WARNING:  Please apply this post responsibly.  Not responsible for loss of jobs, arrests, or endangerment of your life or  any other results that may arise.  You are responsible for yourself.  I'm not!

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