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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Note From Erick

Remember how at one time we would get letters in the mail. It was something that everyone looked forward to. Of course, there was no email, cell phones or Facebook accounts at the time.

Today, I received a letter in the mail from my sponsored child, Erick of Children International. It warms my heart to read the few words that they write and that someone translates. The pictures he colors or draws just gives me a smile.

In this picture, he drew some beautifully colored mountains with clouds around them and a sun that had a lovely smiley face. The crayon drawing had images of people which I assume are his family and birds flying and it was in a gorgeous color of green.

The message was transalated as follows.

I want to tell you that I'm in good health also I tell you that I like to play soccer and I like to ride bike. I want to tell you that I am in second grade and my favorite subject is math and I learned sums and I want to tell you that I like an animal named procupine because I like its hair because it is like needles and I have seen them in the zoo and I hope you like this letter and I send love. Signed Erick


It just warms my heart to read these little letters and know that even though I am able to help in a small way, it means a lot to these children and their families. I've been with Children International since 1995 and this is my second sponsored child. It is a wonderful organization that I've had the pleasure of getting to know and meeting some of the staff and other sponsors.

I just had to share this today as it brought a smile to my world and I hope it gives you a smile as well.

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