For those who struggle, it is a nightmare.  For those who have had their lives torn apart because a loved one committed suicide, the pain continues.  The questions continue.  Suicide of a loved one often destroys the lives of those left behind.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Create My Life

My life, no matter how I sometimes wish it would be is exactly what it should be at this moment. In conjunction with this, my life is exactly a result of the choices that I have made to create this moment.

While my heart is full of joy after a time of reset in life, my fears claw at the door trying to keep me from opening it and stepping out. I truly give my fears more power than they deserve. I truly inflate my fears to be bigger than they are in reality.

So as much as I wish my life would be different, I need to acknowledge the path that has brought me to this point. I then need to open the door, taking the power back of my fears. As I do this, the brightness of the sunlight will illuminate the path ahead into the life I so desire.

I am once again reminded that I am the sole person who creates my day. I bring in the things that I focus on and if tomorrow I desire something different, all I need to do is shift my focus. By shifting my focus, I change my awareness and consciousness which leads me into more of who I really am in life.

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