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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Biggest Critic In Your Life

I love how real Brene Brown is.  When I see these lectures, I can't help but want to jump up on the stage with her and give her a big hug.  She is so real and down to earth and saying the things that I believe most of us need to hear.

In this latest video I found, she talks about "Why Your Critics Aren't The Ones That Count".  Oh boy, now that is a big topic with a lot of steam in the kettle.

One of the quotes that I so love that Brene Brown makes in this video is "If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I don't want your feedback."

Another great quote in this video is "What would have happened if you would shown up?"

It really makes me think because I know I hold back in life for what others might think, say, or do.  I compare myself to others and do exactly as what she was talking about in her speech.  I see it as others are doing this, so what makes me special".

Yet, I know that I've got a different set of circumstances and experiences in life than anyone out there.  I know that there is no one that has had the same set of experiences I have had and to be very real, some of the lessons were so hard that I think I earned my PHD.

Of course, at the end she talks about who is the biggest critic in your life and guess what, it isn't anyone out in the arena.  It is yourself.

Yep, it is none other but our self.  We're the biggest critic.  We tear ourself down quicker than we can breathe and we are often so blind to it.  I'm right in there I do this too.

To the biggest critic in my life I close with this final quote from Brene Brown - what would have happened if I had shown up?

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