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Friday, November 6, 2015

Opposing Abundance Activities

Some days you just look at yourself and wonder why you work so hard against yourself.  Okay, maybe you don't, but I do.  Actually I suspect we all do this in some form or fashion.  For me, I realized that I'm doing activities that oppose each other and still wonder why I'm struggling with abundance.

Here is what I do and it doesn't just apply to the Unlimited Abundance Program I'm taking right now.  It applies to many things in my life.

As I'm looking at what I had saved up before I quit my job, my only thought is how long before the money runs out.  Of course, it is a wise and prudent action to be monitoring how much money is my bank account, but that is not what I'm talking about here.

I tend to look at things as doom and gloom as if when the money runs out, there will be no more.  There will be no actions to change it and nothing I can do about it.  I see it as oh no, I'm going to run out.  I'm doomed.  It will be gone and that is that.

Of course, my brain doesn't shift gears and see that other opportunities are presenting themselves.  My brain doesn't stop for a moment and say, if you do what you need to do, there will be money and abundance coming.  I only look at the nonstop negatives swarming my neural pathways.

Yet, if I think about it, I'm really hurting myself.  Here I am focusing on what is ahead in my life and how I can align with the universe.  At the same time, I'm sabotaging all that is around me, flowing towards me or opportunities that I can tap into each day.

Maybe what is best to do is allow myself to re-frame how I view abundance and money.  Maybe by letting go of the doom and gloom scenarios, I'll tap into all that is right there for me.  If I am doing activities that are opposing each other, how can I expect either one of them to come into my view.

Abundance is there I believe, but when I (we) push it away, it will not find us and we will not find it.  There are many little voices and thoughts and things that happen as if they are almost undetectable.  Yet, they influence and impact us in every way possible.

For me, I'm going to re-frame what I'm doing and try not to push unlimited abundance away from me.  Instead, I will discard the doom and gloom as I welcome abundance with open arms.

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