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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Horrible Things Happen In Certain Locations

I saw this blog entry published on and found it quite interesting. It isn't that I necessarily buy into all that is stated here. After all, it is this conclusion of this writers view of the facts that of course formed this particular blog entry. There is much good though that was written here and the overall, moral to the story at the end is probably the most important.

As Tina D. Ewin states,

Perhaps one of the lessons of the Villisca Ax murders would be to absolutely listen to that psychic sense that tells you that something doesn’t feel right about a location. Remove anger from your life and research the history of a location before you purchase, rent, or work in an area!
We attract what we are and what we think, and if what we are attracting is negative, then we must change our thoughts and our life. Only each one of us can make that karmically life-changing decision for ourselves.

As you will see if you read the blog entry, the little Iowa town of Villisca was the site of a tragic event. On June 12, 1912, an axe murderer killed all six family members in the house. The crime was never solved. After 100 years and several owners, no one lives in this old house.

According to the blog, the Fox Indian Tribe controlled this town that they called Willisca. Willisca was changed to Villisca because the name Villisca means evil place or the place of devil spirits. This house was located exactly over the spot where the Fox Indians sent their criminally insane family members.

Of course this is just part of the overall story and to really read and understand where the author is coming from, you do need to read the entire piece. So, I'll stop there and let you click on the following link "Why Horrible Things Happen In Certain Locations" by Tina D. Erwin as posted on the Edgar Cayce Blog.

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