Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ear Temperature And Left Brain, Right Brain

According to an article on , researchers at Australian National University have developed a device that could potentially unravel the mysteries of the left and right brain by measuring temperature.

The device allows researchers a cost effective method of testing which side of the brain is active when performing various tasks and functions. Researchers understand that one side of the brain is usually more active depending upon what tasks or functions it is undergoing. In a general manner of speaking, language is handled by the left side of the brain and more logic prone functions are handled by the right side of the brain. Brain scans can be very expensive so this device gives new possibilities.

The new device was developed by psychologists Mr. Nicolas Cherbuin and Dr. Cobie Brinkman. It measures the temperature inside the ear which of course indicates the busier side of the brain. If an area of the brain is more active, it requires more blood. Because the blood flows through the carotid artery on either side of the neck and the blood is shared between the brain and the ear, ear temperature gives an indication of which side is busier.

Because blood flowing to the brain is cooler than blood already in the brain, a decrease in ear temperature indicates increased blood flow. This signals increased activity to the corresponding side of the brain.


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