Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where Does Agitation Come From?

Where does agitation come from? It just seems to show up. Did someone just let it in the door without realizing who was coming in? Maybe I am tired or possibly an emotional nerve has been touched?

Things can be going so well and yet the agitation sets in as a rainy day in the summer. While maybe we would love to have all sunny days, without a little rain, our lives may not grow in its absence.

Just think of life without rain in that we would eventually wither and die. We would droop our leaves and our leaves would turn brown and drop off. Without the rain, we would not maintain, evolve and grow.

So today, I will ask the question, "what is my source of agitation?" Could it be that I pushed my body physically and it needs some rest? Am I feeling as if an emotional nerve has been touched? Is it what I pick up from the world around me?

For today, in this moment, I will honor and respect myself. I will allow myself to feel agitated without judging it and instead, I will accept it through love. I will sense and feel where it resides within my body, than offer a voice to it, so that it may share wisdom with me.

Finally, I will observe it throughout my day to notice the depth, qualities, feelings, sensations and connections to my consciousness that it holds.

I lovingly honor and accept myself

--All of myself


  1. Someone once said to me that: agitation comes when your inner world does not align with your outer physical manifestation.






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