Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Massage Is Not Just A Luxury

Massage Therapy is Not Just a Luxury...

There is a misconception among the general public and some other health care practitioners that massage therapy is just a luxury. It is the belief, that because massage feels so good that it cannot also be beneficial for our health. We live in a no pain, no gain society so surely if we get to lie down for an hour and are made to feel good it must be a frivolous waste of our time and money.

That's not the case. It is possible to have something feel good and be beneficial for our health. A general massage therapy session actually produces chemicals that physiologically reduce pain and stress throughout the body. This is nothing new in countries such as China, where they have been using massage therapy to solve physical conditions for centuries. It is our job as massage therapy professionals to be just that – health care professionals who understand the true benefits of massage and who help others understand.

It is not enough for us to learn the basics, we must continue to learn and educate ourselves, and the general public together with other health care practitioners, how we can help. There are people we pass on a day to day basis who don't realize what massage can do for them. They take pills, they get x-rays, MRI's, blood tests and still delay on turning to massage. They miss days of work and are limited in the quality of life and still don't turn to massage. Not only does massage feel good, but it can help many, many conditions. It is not that these other forms of healthcare aren't necessary...but so too is massage therapy. Massage therapy is not only beneficial but it has little to no negative side effects. Let's work together to make changes in the massage field and spread the news that for so long now has been common knowledge in other countries.

If you are looking into massage as a career there is no time like the present as people are looking for alternatives to the traditional quick fix method. Preventative and wholesome health is the direction of the future and we are in the right place to help make that a reality. The demand for massage therapists is on the rise as more and more people are turning to massage for their continued health. I am proud to be a massage therapy professional and I look forward to the coming years as its true strengths are recognized. Want to be part of a growing trend? Contact the Central Florida School Of Massage Therapy.

Article as published in the:
May 2010 Newsletter of Central Florida School Of Massage Therapy


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