Monday, May 24, 2010

Ask Your Angels

While I know there are people who feel angels do exist, I know that there are many who just feel they don't. Frankly, it does not matter to me any longer if people believe what I do on this because I have been shown countless times in countless ways that they do exist in my life. I know deep down what I sense and I know the times that I can without a doubt claim to know they were there for me. Of course, we all see and feel and believe things through our own filters in life. It is up to each of us to search ourselves out and understand what it is that we connect with and where we may be blocked in connecting with the unseen in life.

One such example happened the other day for me. I've had a situation that has gone on for a long time in my life and because of some recent situations, it had really kicked up a lot of turmoil for me. Events had progressed to the point where it was consuming way too much of my time and thoughts and creating a very difficult state within my body.

So finally, during some meditation time that I was having that day, I finally just said - ok, enough! Angels, I really need your help on this because I really need to let go of this situation and be able to move on in my life. No longer, can I continue to think about this situation each day as it is just to much for me. It is consuming me. I need your help to work through this and to somehow move the situation forward. I'm not asking it to be resolved at this moment but to just be able to have something change that allows me to let go of it.

It wasn't but 30 minutes or an hour later, and I got a call from this person. Keep in mind that it had been several weeks since I last had contact from them and they had completely closed off all communication by phone, letter, email and facebook. No matter what I did, they completely ignored me. This had been going on for many weeks. Things of course were not 100% resolved but at least initial contact by phone had been made and they explained some of the recent situations that had happened in their life. I could understand all they had been through recently, had shut down the communication not because they wanted to but because it was just part of their process.

I'm still amazed that this happened so quickly. Time and time again, I've been told to ask my angels for the things I need help with because they are ready to help us. However, I keep forgetting to do this even though this is not the first time, I've seen quick results like I did. It is wonderful to know that we are all connected to so much more than we can see. Unfortunately so many doubt these things because of the people in the public spotlight that cast doubts upon what is possible. May we all open our eyes a little further in what we see and may we all question what is real, what it is that we feel and sense and what we have yet to understand.

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