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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fish Oils Show Promise For Mental Illness

In an AP article published on on Feb 1, 2010, "Fish Oil Shows Promise In Preventing Psychosis", "fish oil pills may be able to save some young people with signs of mental illness from descending into schizophrenia, according to a preliminary but first-of-its-kind study in Austria with 81 patients.

Though it may sound too good to be true, according to the article, one theory of what causes schizophrenia is the differance in how the body uses fatty acids and how fish oils address this. According to Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Chairman of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center states that if it works, it will be an absolutely tremendous development.

Of course more research studies need to be conducted to verify the results of the Austrailia Study

To read the complete article: Fish Oil Shows Promise In Preventing Psychosis

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