Monday, March 30, 2009

Hidden Messages

One of my favorite books is "The Hidden Messages In Water" written by Masaru Emoto. If you have seen the movie, "What The Bleep", you'll recognize his name as some of his images and work was highlighted in the movie.

Dr. Emoto was able to photograph frozen water crystals and how they changed when thoughts or words were directed towards the water. He found that water which had been exposed to words such as love produced a brilliant and complex beautiful pattern. On the other hand, if the water was polluted or exposed to words such as hate, the patterns were asymmetrical and there was no brilliance to the crystals.

In the book, he shows detailed pictures of some of his work and you can see first hand exactly what it is that he is getting to. I actually tried the rice experiment that he is famous for talking about and I too was amazed at the results. It doesn't take much for the water to absorb the qualities of its surroundings or the words that are directed to it.

If you stop and consider for a moment that our bodies are made up 70% water, than we have the possibility of being influenced much like the water experiments that Dr. Emoto did. Just think of how words such as hate, love, beautiful, idiot or others would affect the water and if they affect water, would they not do the same to the cells found in our own bodies? With this in mind, let us consider the words we not only use on ourselves but the words we direct towards others. May our words do positive things and may we all be better as a result.

Here's a video that explains a little more (but the book is a short read and well worth checking out if you have not read it).

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