Friday, December 25, 2015

Let Peace Begin With Me

On this day, let it not just be a celebration of all the gifts we have received.  All too often, we spend so much money to find that perfect gift, when the day is really about so much more.  It is too easy to lose site of this day.

Instead, maybe we can focus for a moment on a thought about Christmas.  Let peace begin with me.  I don't mean we should ask others to have peace or expect them to be peaceful.  I don't mean we should think that if others are peaceful, then we can be peaceful.  I am saying this to each one of us individually.

Let peace begin with me.  Let it begin within each one of us so that by all of us focusing on peace in our lives, we will impact the planet in big ways.  These days more than ever, we need to have peace within our life so that we can share it with others.

We won't find peace in the presents or the gifts we receive.  We won't find peace in the moments where we are wrapped up in the political news storm of the day.  We won't find peace when we look for it in moments that do not offer it.  We won't find peace in listening to those that constantly scream at the top of their lungs for attention in our world.

Peace must begin within each one of us if we are to offer peace to the world.  It is something that we need to develop in ourselves and then see if we can put more peace in our lives.

Our actions individually impact the world in great ways.  So on Christmas Day, in the moment you are reading this, reflect upon how you can let peace begin with you or me or whoever you are.  By doing this, we may just be impacting the entire world.  If you feel you have already reached this point, then I adamantly urge you to go further!  The world needs it.

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