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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Healing Your Body By Observing

Have you ever stopped and when you did, things looked differently?  It is the same in the body.  When we stop and observe the body, we allow healing to take place in ways we can hardly imagine.

Just that moment of observing what is going on in the body can give you an experience of healing.  It can be more simple than you think, but more profound with possibilities than we are consciously aware of in our life.

Often in our day, we are unconscious and while that helps us get through the day, we need to take moments of pause, or we begin to lose touch with reality in our life.  We lose our internal awareness because of the daily build up of stress or traumatic moments.

To read more, check out a recently published article on called Healing By Observing Your Body.  It has some simple exercises to help get you in touch with your body through the mind body connection.

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