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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Keeps The World Going Round

Yesterday, I found out about a new blog written by a friend of mine. He just started it and already it shows a great deal of promise. Simple insights that he is writing about. Of course, one thing you need to know is that the creator of this blog is also known as the Budgie Parakeet Whisperer because of his love for Budgies and how he is so connected to them.

Anyway, just thought I would share this blog as I'm happy to see that he is writing it. I look forward to reading it when he posts.

Name of the Blog: What Keeps The World Going Round

Here's the text from the first post he wrote about what this blog is about:
Well, if you ask that question to someone, they would say a very simple answer without really thinking. Maybe something like - Well the moons gravitational pull helps. - Well whether that is true or not, I think the saying What keeps the world going round means, What good things are on this planet Earth. Someone else may have a different definition, but that's what I think. So this blog will be about my experiences with wonderful things.

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