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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gratitude Jar

I ran across this site the today and was really impressed with what they were doing. I had done something similar and posted about my own gratitude jar but it didn't go as far as this one went. Hopefully they will keep the web page up but in case they don't, I'm copying the text of what there gratitude jar is about. If you want to read their site and it is well worth a moment to check out, go to

From their website:

Every time something good happens to you or you
feel grateful for something in your life, place some
change in a jar. When this jar is full, give it away
to someone in need!

With each jar we include a card that reads the
Gratitude Jar This jar represents abundance and our gratitude
for all the blessings we have received recently.
Every time something good happened to us we
would place some money into the jar as a symbol
of our gratitude.

True abundance comes from sharing.

Take this jar and enjoy its contents and know that
it was filled with love and gratitude.

Our intention is for you and your family to
experience true happiness and abundance in all
areas of your life.

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