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Monday, January 19, 2009

Buddy Helm Drumming

Buddy Helm was a drummer for many years for different bands and has studied the drum beats with intensity. We had the unique opportunity of sitting in one of his afternoon drumming workshops at Cassadaga.

He takes you through a very fun couple of quick passing hours with various drumbeats and how each drum beat comes together. Plus he takes it further and gives you a chance to give your brain a new message. It is when the drum beat gets at a certain beat, that your brain is very receptive to all kinds of information.

Here's a video of a little about him. The video quality isn't great but it sort of shows you what he does. The audio part is the more important part.

This video is one he did recently at Cassadaga and it is very specific but again it gives you an idea of what he does with the drumming.

The reason I post this is that it was a very powerful afternoon workshop and it was so much fun. He involves everyone that attends and you become as much a part of the workshop as the workshop itself. I felt so relaxed when I was done and had such a positive outlook as well.

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