Thursday, May 14, 2015

How Much Can I Take

The intensity is strong.  The willpower is strong.  Time is limited and energy is in short supply.  I ponder these things as I think at this very moment, just how much can I take?  How much more can life dish out. How much more can I absorb before life is too much.

I'm strong.  I can take a lot in life.  I've been through enormous amounts of difficulty and stress throughout my days.  However, I also know that as strong as I am, there are limits on the physical body.  This pace is not good.  It is not healthy.  I'm not ready to give up my life for any company or job and that feels like what I'm doing.

Business doesn't seem to get the "human" part of life.  I know that we honor slogans and make it appear that we do, but few really honor and respect being human.  Its a part of profits and greed along with power and control.

I just question how much I can take?  How much is enough?  Where is the edge of that limit that I feel like I'm quickly approaching.  Now is the time to go and do things that I know will keep me from falling over the cliff.

In the end, I know that this is not the way I want to live my life.  There is too much that is far more important than killing one's self over a job.  At the end of my days, I doubt the stress of what happens on a site or in this job will be what I remember most.

Most likely by the time this is published, things will have either improved or I will have made a change.  I'm writing this because this is my way of processing and putting things in perspective.

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