For those who struggle, it is a nightmare.  For those who have had their lives torn apart because a loved one committed suicide, the pain continues.  The questions continue.  Suicide of a loved one often destroys the lives of those left behind.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Through Deeper Layers

Have you ever looked through a microscope at something? I remember in high school and college during science classes looking at all kinds of things from little bacteria to all kinds of objects. Through the naked eye, we were able to see something much different than through the microscope. Even with the various power adjustments of the microscope, we could see many layers of whatever it was we were looking at. More powerful microscopes allowed us to look even deeper into an object.

Just like looking deep into an object through a microscope, the same could be said that this is exactly what healing is all about. It is going through the layers and then when you think you've seen everything, you adjust the power and go deeper yet. As you go deeper, you see things that you were not even aware of or realize existed. Yet, they are there.

So go deeper than you have gone so far! See what all there is to see in your life and find that which you do not know exists. Than see just how far down the rabbit hole you can go.

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